More than Just an Artist

Who is going to meet the demand for traditional hand painted services in the future when the last of the Old School practitioners is gone?

Now is the time to accumulate knowledge, approaches and techniques firsthand and develop every aspect of the skills of the timeless trade of the sign lettering and layout man, airbrush illustration and pictorial artist, and even learn to accent hot rods, motorcycles and virtually every type of vehicle with pinstriping, hand painted murals and spectacular custom paint.

Custom Paint Workshops 

No better forum exists for the amateur or professional visual artist that wants to get a leg up on brush handling, finesse with fine spray equipment, become familiar with the myriad of paints and products on the market, experience firsthand every aspect in the creation of custom paint and receive tips from professionals to create a pleasant looking and highly marketable finished product. Accelerate your understanding and command of the many facets of this genre including; deftness and knowledge of brush manipulation and care, inspection of materials and tools, handling techniques and many handed-down from generation-to-generation secrets of the sign painter, pinstriper, pictorial and airbrush artist. 

Learn how the ungainly pinstriping brush is put together, how to assess the unique characteristics of each one and how a subtle trim will often provide a magical tune up that will promote getting more for your money. Learn composition skills and layer multi-level graphics and airbrush designs that will blow away the competition. The intensive, hands on, one day or five-day workshop in a completely equipped studio will offer a revealing opportunity to learn what you want to learn and excel as you work one-on-one, under the supervision of professionals on hand including; J R Brennan, special paint and body shop products rep, Paul Hetrick of Paul’s Hand Lettering, and your host Dave “Letterfly” Knoderer airbrush and pinstripe artist extraordinaire. 

Custom Paint Workshops Class Syllabus

Speeches and Seminars 

“Rolling Art, why a Mural?”


Seventeen years ago, while providing additional value-added services for the guests at Lazydays RV, I was asked by management if I could speak as well as I painted. Thus, from this humble beginning the popular seminar series began. 


This enlightening and entertaining seminar covers the historic origins of this art form, the experience you can expect as the result of having original mural art or pinstriping and the steps that go into the creation of this high-quality decorative art and factors to consider when commissioning custom art. 

The seminar is a perfect venue for both the interested aficionados of motorcycle art as well as those owners looking for that ‘something extra’. Letterfly is happy to answer questions that occur during the hour-long presentation drawing from a career spanning over three decades. 

HOG Chapters and Artists Guilds across the nation have enjoyed this seminar during his annual summer tour in addition to the RV crowd at Lazydays RV where it all began, and where you will find the artist during the winter months. All inquiries are welcome. Contact the office manager at 813 752 8063.