More Than Creative 

Today, Letterfly creates one-of-a-kind pinstripe designs, hand painted pictorial images and hand lettering that transform motorcycles, hot rods and even naked aircraft into rolling masterpieces that stand out, get noticed and receive nods of approval wherever they go.  

For a period of twenty years Letterfly was the top producer of high-quality airbrushed murals seen on the outsides of luxury motor homes. Wildlife and animal depictions provided the mainstay for these works.  In addition to paintwork on the exteriors of motorhomes, the artist also produces Trompe L’oeil murals found in homes, oil paintings on canvas and high-quality custom paint on all types of vehicles.  

Starting as an apprentice in the Sign and Design trade in the seventies, his appetite for unusual activities led him to many sensational projects. A skilled painter, he has designed and painted large wall graphics and theater sets, themed interior and exterior murals in amusement parks and restaurants, crafted delicate Gold Leaf window treatments and the gilding and decoration on Fire Trucks. A true Renaissance man, he has a passion for the Victorian embellishments of an era gone by. This fondness clearly shows up in his “themed” work. What is truly unusual about this artist is that he is equally adept with paint brushes or an airbrush.  The artist annually teaches a class about all aspects of custom painting and presents informative and entertaining speeches and seminars on a variety of subjects to interested civic groups and curious aficionados. For career highlights, awards, and exihbitions, click this link.