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Written by the Guru of living an interesting life

Dave Letterfly Knoderer


More than just words

“The smartest thing I ever did was run away and join the circus”














hurled through havoc 


His dream led straight into his greatest challenges 

What makes a young man abandon everything to head out on the highway? Using the road as a metaphor, the author reveals reflections, discoveries and notions of an interesting life that took off like a rocket when he followed that inner urging and hit the road. 

This on the road memoire reveals the surprise twists and turns of an interesting life that ultimately led to love. As the future without the circus unfolded, the author evolved into the premier producer of airbrushed murals, gold leaf monograms and delicate hand painted inscriptions on motorhomes using the skills learned on the show-business trail.    

Today Letterfly is a renowned motorcycle pinstripe artist, speaker and spiritual seeker in the modern world of gigabytes, impulsive distractions and emerging societal insanity.   


Why You Need This Book . . . 


The surprise twists and turns of life lead to anger, pain, and disappointment, but ultimately to love and restoration. These coming-of-age stories celebrate the transformation from the dysfunction and trauma of the past, to the joy and fulfillment that result from unexpected encounters and experiences. 


Every life is different, but chances are you can relate to: 


♦ The father who causes anger and frustration 

♦ A disturbing family dynamic

The boy who withdraws from friends because of embarrassment 

♦ Feelings of inadequacy and rebellion 

♦ Life as a misfit 

♦ The decision to run away in order to find oneself 


Read about the excitement, pleasure, and danger of traveling and performing with the circus. The secret world of imagination caused by the turbulence between father and son. A series of influential people who touched the life of a young man, giving him courage and direction. 

What is it like to hit bottom as an alcoholic, and find yourself forced to make some hard decisions? Is it even possible to discover true meaning in life, and reach a point of happiness? 


Take a journey with Dave “Letterfly” Knoderer, a man who was broken in many ways, yet managed to find a path towards the light. The conclusion is one of hope and enlightenment that will leave you wondering about your own trek down the Road of Life

In a landscape filled with stereotyped characters- con artists and ne’er-do-wells- this truly authentic tale, written by an extraordinary renaissance man will challenge your preconceived notions about the world of the traveling show. Dave is a man of many talents- a truly prodigious sign painter and muralist- but what makes his story shine is the way he has faced obstacles and applied his kindness, horse sense, creativity and grit to overcome them. An inspiring and adventurous read… Highly recommended!

Kevin Vernados

The strength of champions lies in their stories. Stories like this gives hope and should be read by all.

Alice Hedricks

And then there is Speedy.  As I have often told you I find your road tales wonderfully narrated stories which anyone can relate to and often envy but you hit a grand slam with your book.  Dave, I literally can’t put it down and I will be ordering copies for several of my riding and non-riding friends.  The narrative never lags, the stories are universally interesting, the interest never flags and I often find myself so absorbed that I became part of the story.

James Johnson

Future Books 

Book 2, will launch in 2022: 


Enamored in Center Ring 

 takes the reader on a turbulent adventure as boy turns into man. An inspired teen is introduced to timelessness while painting decorative designs on the circus fleet and drumming in the circus band. He becomes fascinated with what the horse trainers enroll the animals to do. Becoming immersed in this fascinating trade, he finds principles of regard, encouragement and principles of love in harmony between trainer and animal. Encouraged by others he begins a lifelong passion of learning all aspects of classic horsemanship, developing skills as a trainer and presenter of liberty, manage and dancing horses with emphasis on the circus performing arts. 


Book 3 is entitled:  

Confessions of a Galloping Snapper 

The itinerate sign painter of yesteryear was an expert with efficiency. He carried neither a yardstick nor a measuring device, preferring a length of string and a piece of chalk. Once loaded with chalk and with one end tied to his pinkie, he was able to stretch the string the width of his arms spread out and snap the guide lines needed for his depiction, thus the name.  

The concept of self-sufficiency was irresistible and necessary due to the circus of my teenage years leaving me stranded and vulnerable in far off places. As I developed my sign painting skills, I found my creative outlet and a trade to use where ever I was. 



Also, in the works; Book 4: 

One Man Show 


And Book 5: 

The Road Home 

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